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Deanna the Dead: The Collected Nights Vol. 1B

Deanna the Dead: The Collected Nights Vol. 1B


Deanna the Dead: The Collected Nights Vol. 1B

by William Skaar

Variant Cover - No Logo

Full Color


Artist Skaar brings the adventures of Deanna of the Dead to Published by Embassy! The Queen of the Dead finds herself in a predicament as she summons forth an army of undead creatures. This situation could very easily get out of hand, but Deanna promises tales of entertainment in return for their obedience. But, there is a catch: she only tells one tale a night...!


From Deanna, The Queen of the Dead herself:

"Oh! you mean with the stories?  Well, I was telling stories to the Dead.  They found me messing around in this graveyard and made this huge deal out of sacrificing me to this dumb God.  I think they were just making that up as an excuse to kill me, or whatever.  So anyway, they were all serious about torturing me and I was practically naked and really I started telling them stories."



1. The Tale of the Silver Key ... 2. The Tale of Beatrice

3. The Tale of the Phalligor ... 4. The Tale of the Black Death

...and the Bonus Story! Ascension of the Black Death


Eighty-eight / Ninety pages, Magazine (8 x 10½) Sized, Softcover on gloss paper with Stock Cover

NOTES: This book contains Adult Situations, Sex, Fighting, Revenge, and Manipulation; Cover will not have a Watermark or the Blackout Bars of Modesty.

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