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...Embassy Artist

Atilio Gambedotti

Erotic/porn comic writer and cartoonist. Patreon in Spanish/English Escritor y dibujante de comics erotico/porno.  Patreon en castellano/ingles


Works of Gambedotti 

Coming Soon

A 60 page full-color, glossy

magazine sized Graphic Novel

Atilio's story of Susi. A tragi-comedy of first love, sexual freedom, humor and innocence.


Getting Close #1


4Girlfriends #1

4Girlfriends #2

4Girlfriends #3

The story of life, love and challenges of relationships. Based on the sensual exploits of Marite, Sibyl, Anna and Helena!

This second issue continues the trials, heartaches and the stories of each of the 4Girlfriends!

See how the story unfolds in the final issue and story arc of the 4Girlfriends - Marite, Sibyl, Anna and Helena!

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